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History on Trial is a podcast from iHeart Media, written and hosted by Mira Hayward. Every episode, we’ll go behind the scenes of a famous trial from American history. We’ll meet the real people who make up the legal system, from victims and defendants to lawyers and judges. We’ll follow their stories as they duke it out in the courtrooms of the past, and learn how their cases irrevocably shaped the present. We’ll watch the law as it evolves along with the country, or as it fails to do so. Every trial is a battle, and what we choose to fight over – and how we choose to do it – can be revealing. Trial by trial, we’ll gain new insight into the story of America. 


Mira Hayward is the writer and host of History on Trial. She received her bachelor's degree in history from Harvard College. Mira has also appeared on Jeopardy! and written for Noble Blood. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her partner and two cats.   

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